Autumn Blues? Try Belly-Dancing!

Get Into The Groove

Starting belly dance classes in autumn will help you prevent autumn anxiety and ease depression, says Dublin belly dance instructor, Aleksandra Bilgic. The long summer days are gone – bad weather, increased wind and lack of sunlight might affect your mood and general feeling of well-being. During autumn women often feel less energetic and productive or even depressed. Starting belly dance classes this autumn will definitely help you nurture your emotional and mental health, says Aleksandra, founder of Dublin Bellydance Project.
The ancient art of belly dance makes women connect with their bodies, emotions and femininity improving their health and well-being. Due to high paced life and activity in business areas women are often pressured to neglect most of female primal features.

“During my classes I see how long hours women spend in the office and stress they face everyday impact their postures and body mobility. “Beginning of the class their bodies are very tense and they find it difficult to relax.” Natural to female form, repetitious and circular movements such as figure eight, shimmy, body roll, hip drops put mind into state of meditation and utilize muscle groups. Bellydance as every type of activity helps to improve posture and make body more flexible and mobile. Slow, graceful dancing helps to reduce stress levels and relieve PMS. The faster tempo stimulates and energizes the body, releasing endorphins and boosting overall mood, which can be very useful in cases of anxiety and mild depression. “It is such a pleasure to watch women walking out of class relaxed, with big smiles on their faces, carrying themselves in a very proud, sexy and feminine way.” says Aleksandra.

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Photo by Anna Louise Hally @dancebyannalouise
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