This Woman's World - Artist Emlyn Boyle channels Kate Bush


This Woman's World 

A Painting Exhibition by Emlyn Boyle

September 24th 10am to October 7th 5.30pm

Skerries Mills, Dublin

We all love Kate Bush, the fabulous songstress with the adorable high pitched vocals. Artist Emlyn Boyle is a particular fan and now he is exhibiting a collection of work based on Kate's music. Here he tells how he got the idea...

"I was just listening to her music one day whilst trying to come up with a theme for this exhibition - and the idea just popped in there. But the pieces are inspired by her lyrics/songs and filtered through my own not directly illustrating the songs. They come from whatever images first popped into my head - rather than being thought about for ages.

This Woman's World' is obviously a play on 'This Woman's Work'. Though that song is not represented here. I also found a lot of common themes/imagery running though her lyrics - the outdoors (fields and woods), theatricality, ghosts, animals, children..."

Teaser peak at some of the paintings

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