Mini Review: PIL at Vicar St, Dublin


Sunday, August 26th ...Johnny Rotten (the bin is for the gobs and snots!)

Johnny Plugs In

PIL did a brilliant gig at Vicar St on Sunday night. From the vantage point of the balcony front row, a really great spot to be seemed like a kind of exorcism was going on in the sold-out venue, followed by a hypnotic trance, as Mr. Rotten and the band stupendously went through PIL's greatest songs.

If Johnny has so much power now as a performer, it answers the question how a nineteen year old kid from Finsbury Park in London became the king of punks.

Every song was a triumph, but Death Disco and Rise stood out for me. That crazy inclusion of Swan Lake running through Death Disco racked the whole show up a notch coming as it did early on in the gig.

Johnny and the band were electric. Fabulous night.

Pic : Frank Cronin
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