Interview: Gaye Woulahan, jewellery designer

Gaye Woulahan teams lucious colour with elegant designs in her jewellery business Perriwinkle Design.

Q. When did you start making jewellery?

A. I started jewellery making about 10 years ago.  My niece makes jewellery and was teaching it in London, she taught my daughter and I caught the bug from her whilst helping her with a stall at her school fete.

Q. Did you go to classes to learn techniques etc? 

A. I was taught how to start and finish things and after that I learned by playing with the beads.  I also learnt by looking at YouTube links and I took a specific wire work class in a bead shop in the city centre and a couple of hours long classes at the big bead show in London, which is on twice a year.  I also became part of a larger beading group on facebook and we meet and exchange ideas and techniques.

Q. Where do you get inspiration?

A.  I get inspiration mostly from colours, colours in nature, colourful clothes.  Also making a mistake in your design can lead to a completely different way of doing something so that could also be considered inspirational.

Q. Who are your favourite jewellery designers ?

A.  I like the Couer de Lion range of jewellery as it's very colourful but my favourite jewellery designers are my friends from my FB group - they can make anything.

Q. Who would you like to see wearing your jewellery?

A.  Who would I like to see wearing my jewellery, hmmmm now there's a question.  I would like to make a statement piece for someone like Helen Mirren. Or a bracelet for the princess of the hour - Meghan Markle.

Q. Finally where can we find you?

A.  My Facebook page is Perriwinkle Design.  I do lots of markets in and around Dublin and the regular market I do is on the first Friday of every month in the Red Stables, St. Anne's, Clontarf.

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