Guide to the Festival of Curiosity 2018


July 19th – 22nd, 2018

The Festival of Curiosity comes back for the sixth year to Dublin, with fascinating & fun events for young children, teenagers and adults

Curiosity Carnival

Join the Curiosity Carnival, a hands-on adventure in science, play & curious technology.
Step inside Smock Alley Theatre and experience an exciting carnival of hands-on workshops, adventures in electronics, interactive installations, crafty creatures and curious games for all the family.

Bring your Bear friends! Don’t forget to bring along your favorite teddy bear for a health check at the Teddy Bear Hospital using some very curious technology, virtual reality and some loving care from our Bear Doctors. Kindly supported by Elastoplast we’ll make sure your trusty friend has all the bear essentials for a healthy, happy bear life.

Where: Smock Alley Theatre
When: July 19th -22nd, 2018
Who: Children, 4-8 Years
Tickets: €4 per person

Playground of Sound- Songs of the City & Sounds of the Sea

Visit the  pop-up ‘Playground of Sound’ an outdoor interactive installation in the heart of Dublin 1.
Created by the Festival of Curiosity Playground of Sound: Songs of the City and Sounds of the Sea is a playful outdoor touch-reactive installation.
Touch the plants to conduct your own personal choir. Find a partner for the sea-saw to activate the sounds of the sea and hold hands with a friend on the twin-swing to compose the bird-song and hear the dawn chorus – together creating playful and unique songs of the city.
Where: Wolfe Tone Square, Dublin 1 (Next to Jervis Shopping Centre)
When: July 19th – July 22nd, 11.00-18.00
Who: Everyone
Tickets: Free

Zine Workshop- Interstellar Mice, Cats, Dogs, Monkeys and More

Inspired by Chimponauts & Astrocats a zine by artist Eva Rust which features in Science Gallery Dublin’s summer exhibition LIFE AT THE EDGES, join OR STUDIO for hands-on zine-making workshops.
Using a mixture of illustration and image manipulation, participants will create a limited edition zine telling the stories of interstellar animals and their preparations before traveling to space.
About OR Studio
OR Studio is a design and risograph print studio based in Dublin 1. The studio is a space to design, collaborate, experiment with process, run workshops and discover the possibilities of design in the context of risograph printing.
Important info:
No experience required and this event is strictly over 15s.
Under 18’s must be accompanied by a guardian
All Materials will be provided.
Presented in conjunction with Science Gallery Dublin.

Where: Science Gallery Dublin
When: July 19th – July 22nd, 13.30-16.30
Who: Strictly Over 15’s I Under 18s must be accompanied by a guardian.
Tickets: €15 or €12 for students.

Following Fossils with Catherine McGuinness

Join Catherine McGuinness for a guided walking tour discovering fossils and the secrets of our city’s walls and buildings.
The stone in the buildings of our city can be used to trace the history of Dublin. From a marble gallery in a museum to fossils in the city’s medieval walls, join us on this tour to find out more of about the geology of Dublin City Centre.
These tours will go ahead regardless of the weather – please dress appropriately

Where: Outside Smock Alley Theatre
When: July 19th, 10.00 and July 21st, 11.00
Who: Adults / Family
Tickets: €6


Experience Starfield, a unique and playful interactive experience where you will swing softly among the stars.
Starfield is an installation created by the French art collective Lab212/Cyril Diagne. Lab212‘s multilayered installations are portals through which visitors embark on unique journeys through space and time.
By their sensible, poetic and tangible approach, they try to empower people and cast a different light on the technology surrounding our daily life.
Presented by The French Embassy in Ireland at the Festival of Curiosity and based on «Starfield» by LAB212/Cyril Diagne and with very special thanks to Jeffrey Roe of TOG the Dublin Hackerspace.

Where: Smock Alley Theatre
When: July 19th and 20th at 12.30-16.30, July 21st and 22nd at 9.30-17.00
Who: Adults
Tickets: Free

Litter Lab with Scientific Sue

As with all Scientific Sue’s shows the demonstrations are always a feast for the eyes, some are hilariously disgusting but all require volunteers!
Scientific Sue (Science2Life) will bring the family on a journey through the science of litter and what to do about it. Expect the unexpected from dog poop to chewing gum and polystyrene cups and how the things people throw away affect wildlife and animals.

Where: Wood Quay Venue
When: July 20th and 21st, 11.00, 12.30 and 14.00
Who: Family, Children 4-9
Tickets: €4

Life at the Edges I Late at Science Gallery Dublin

Featuring music, talks and live performances that take a deep dive into the LIFE AT THE EDGES late at Science Gallery Dublin.
Delve into the outer limits through the works on display, check out the pop-up RISO print studio from OR STUDIO and get a hands-on look at far-out places across the globe, under the sea and in deep space.
We’ll also be joined by the podcast duo SEXY BEAST, who will present their first live show exploring what life might really be like for an extraterrestrial on Titan. All of this will be accompanied by unique soundscapes from Dreamcycles, taking us on an experimental, mystical, cosmic adventure.

Where: Science Gallery Dublin
When: July 20th, 18.00 -22.00
Who: Strictly Over 18’s
Tickets: Free

The Happy Hack

How to be happy? Join us for an evening of snappy and light-hearted demos and talks where Ireland’s finest scientists attempt to find the secret to happiness.
Expect laughter and some curious grins as we wander from the gut to the brain. Does a smile really use fewer muscles than a frown? Is it all in our DNA or does the weather really play tricks on our mood.  With playful interludes of Laughter Yoga and the LaLaLa Choir.
The Happy Hack is kindly supported by Yakult.

Where: Smock Alley Theatre
When: July 20th, 20.00
Who: Adults
Tickets: €5

The Art of Bubbles!

A delight filled show for all the family. Experience the art and science of bubbles with Marco Zoppi and Rolanda, winners of the Merlin Award for “The Best European Bubble Artists”.
Appearing for the first time in Ireland after touring 37 countries, these world-renowned artists from Italy present BUBBLES a fun and visual show that will take all the family on an unforgettable journey into the art, science, and magic of bubbles.

Where: The National Concert Hall
When: July 21st and 22nd, 11.30 and 14.15
Who: All ages
Tickets: €12 Adults / €10 Children / Family Ticket €40

Deep Ocean Lab with Greg Foot
What happens as you dive further and further into the deep dark ocean?
Join YouTuber & Blue Peter Science Guy Greg Foot for the story of his scientific adventure to the deep.
With experiments and stunning videos, Greg will show you the high-tech submersibles that took him down a crazy 1000ft into the Twilight Zone. He’ll explain the importance of our oceans, and – thanks to Greg’s work with the Blue Planet II team – uncover the effect we’re having on them.  You’ll also get the chance to meet a creature from the deep!

Where: Smock Alley Theatre
When: : July 21st and 22nd, 11.00
Who: Family, Children 5-10
Tickets: €4

Everest Lab with Greg Foot

What happens to your body when you push it somewhere it’s not built to go – to the top of the world?
Join YouTuber & Blue Peter Science Guy Greg Foot for the story of his scientific adventure to the world’s highest pop-up lab at Everest Base Camp.
With summit kit, interactive experiments, and stunning videos, Greg will uncover how a group of scientists and medics braved the thin freezing air to perform cutting-edge research that turns our ideas about medicine upside down.

Where: Smock Alley Theatre
When: : July 21st at 15.30 and July 22nd at 12.30
Who: Family, Children 5-10
Tickets: €4

A Supper Club for the Curious

Expect the unexpected. Bring a friend or come alone, this is communal dining for the adventurous.
An evening of multi-sensory food and a taste experience that will delight but also surprise your senses. Accompanied by a specially curated drinks menu.  Some that will fool your eyes and others your taste buds.
Food for the curious curated by Eoin Williams (Blás) and Gerry Scullion (King of Kefir).
Tickets are per person and include a 6-course tasting menu + cocktail.

Where: BLÁS at The Chocolate Factory
When: : July 21st, 19.00
Who: Strictly over 18’s
Tickets: €35

Aroma Demo

From homemade perfume to herbal Infusions take a guided demonstration of aromas at the National Botanic Gardens.
An intriguing demonstration of some of the scented plants from the gardens. Learn how they can be made into essential oils and perfumes. See how rose water, herbal infusions, and homemade perfumes are made.
Discover how to bring these beautiful aromas into your home with potpourri and fragranced wardrobe sachets.

Where: National Botanic Gardens
When: : July 21st, 15.00
Who: Everyone
Tickets: €5

Dublin Maker 2018

Dublin Maker is a spectacular family-friendly day of invention, creativity and resourcefulness. The biggest Dublin Maker yet, Merrion Square will be transformed with exhibitors & inventors from all over Ireland.
Featuring a host of clever hacks, intriguing innovations and maker movement magic – come along to find out how robots are made, and instruments are created and beer gets brewed. See woodturners and weavers in action and medical devices being 3D printed.
Get the chance to speak to makers who have created everything from rocket launchers to film props.
The food area and chill out zone are back this year. So take the opportunity to glimpse into the future, get hands-on in the creation process and find inspiration to become a Maker.

Where: Merrion Square
When: : July 21st10.00 – 18.00
Who: Families, Children, Young Adults, Adults
Tickets: Free Event – No Booking Required

Beekeeping & Martians with Dr. Niamh Shaw
Join Festival Explorer Dr. Niamh Shaw as she brings you on a journey through beekeeping. Get behind the scenes of her latest theatre show “Diary of a Martian Beekeeper” and her Dad’s three beehives that inspired it. Sharing videos of her beekeeping adventures with her Dad, how they make honey, and how you can help bees do their job and what plants will help them best of all.
As part of the Family Explorer Series exploring real-life explorers from the Stars to the Sea and from the Zoo to your Garden.

Where: Smock Alley Theatre
When: : July 21st14.00
Who: Family, Children 5-10
Tickets: €4

Take a breath of fresh air & a guided walk at the National Botanic Gardens exploring Biomimicry and how nature has inspired some of the most ingenious inventions.
Did you know that the idea for Velcro was sparked by a seed head? Can you guess which plants were responsible for the creation of waterproof paint?
Join the National Botanic Gardens on this fascinating tour and find out how scientists are inspired by nature to create ingenious new inventions.

Where: National Botanic Gardens
When: : July 21st14.30
Who: Adults
Tickets: €5

Training to be a Space Explorer with Dr. Niamh Shaw

What does it take to become an astronaut? Explorer Training with Dr. Niamh Shaw.
Join Dr. Niamh Shaw as she shares her stories of exploration, some of the exciting things happening in space right now and how we can train our bodies to be ready for the day when we will get to explore the Universe for ourselves. What is space like? What does it feel like in our bodies?
As part of the Family Explorer Series exploring real-life explorers from the Stars to the Sea and from the Zoo to your Garden.

Where: Smock Alley Theatre
When: : July 21st and 22nd, 09.30
Who: Family, Children 5-10
Tickets: €4

Guided Nature Walk with Catherine McGuinness

Was going on a nature walk the best part of the summer term for you in school?
Join guide, Catherine McGuinness, as she takes you on a nature walk through St. Stephen’s Green.  Learn more about the city’s wildlife while you hear some curious stories along the way. And remember to stay in your pairs!
These tours will go ahead regardless of the weather – please dress appropriately

Where: St. Stephen’s Green
When: : July 21st, 14.00
Who: Adults / Family
Tickets: €8

Urban Explorer / Treasure Hunt

Discover the curious side of Dublin on the free Urban Explorers Treasure Hunt.
Through a series of fun riddles, puzzles and science for all the family the trail will take you on a journey to key locations across the city. Starting out from Smock Alley each clue will lead you to the next destination. Will you solve them all? All completed entries will be entered into a draw for spot prizes.
Pick up your treasure hunt clues at Smock Alley Theatre during 10.00 and 16.00 on Saturday and Sunday
There is no time limit on the treasure hunt but please note it takes approx 1.5 hours to complete with lots of curious stops along the way.
Recommended for ages 7 and over
All children must be accompanied by a guardian.

Where: Smock Alley Theatre
When: : July 21st and 22nd, 10.00-16.00
Who: Family Event, recommended for children 7+
Tickets: Free

Short Film Programme

Guest Curated by Jim Capobianco
Meet the Oscar-nominated writer of Disney·Pixar’s Ratatouille for a special surprise short film programme for children at the Festival of Curiosity.
Acclaimed Animator, Writer, Director & Oscar Nominee Jim Capobianco (Ratatouille, Leonardo, The Lion King, Mary Poppins Returns, The Inventor) guest curates a surprise short film programme for children.
In partnership with the Bay Area Children’s International Film Festival in San Francisco join a playdate for the imagination.
Following the short film programme for families, friends, and children aged 8 and up, there will be a special family Q&A with Jim.

Where: Smock Alley Theatre
When: : July 22nd, 14.00
Who: Children 8+
Tickets: €4

From the Sea to the Stars: An Irishman’s Journey

NASA NEEMO Aquanaut Marc O Griofa talks about being part of the NEEMO undersea mission and crew as he trains astronauts for the next generation of spaceflight onboard the Aquarius undersea research station and laboratory on the floor of the Atlantic ocean. Learn about what it takes to get astronauts ready for one of the most extreme environments in the planet and what its like first hand to be on the cutting edge of extreme exploration.
Presented by Science Gallery Dublin.

Where: Science Gallery Dublin
When: : July 22nd, 14.00-15.00
Who: Adults / Young Adults
Tickets: Free

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