Interview : Jagoda Bahrynowska, Beautician & Artist

Q. How did you become a beautician?

 I became a beautician after art school. Because of my love of art and needing to earn a living immediately, being a beautician seem like an obvious choice for me. I worked first with Loreal as a make up artist. I expanded my interest more and more in the Beauty Industry. As an ambitious person I did every possible course in that subject. I discovered by chance that I really like working with people, talking with them and getting to know their life story. 

Q. Your nail art is particularly interesting... What inspires you?

 Apart from being on a journey as a beautician I also work with my fine art, painting and drawing. The beauty of people and nature inspire me. Intricacies and details of a flower, petals fascinate me. The mystery of the human body and interaction with light is awe inspiring for me.  As a fine artist I paint a lot on canvas and for me in any given moment  a bare nail is a miniature canvas. Lately tattooing is my new hobby which I really enjoy exploring.  I love challenges in my life, that keep me very happy and give me energy to get better and better in what Im pursuing.

Q. So, as a mobile beautician is life more exciting?

 Being a Mobile Beautician is exiting for sure. My days are unpredictable. I meet a  lot of interesting people from all walks of life. Meeting them in their own place makes them more open , friendly and relaxed which I really like. I have learned a lot about life from meeting people, so I am grateful for this opportunity.  

Q. How can people get in touch with you?

 People can get in touch with me through my FB page or simply by word of the mouth, which I prefer. Because there is nothing better then a recommendation from a happy costumer or from sharing a love of art!
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