Interview : Charlie Plummer, movie star

Q&A With All The Money In The World rising star Charlie Plummer. This interview is from 2016, when Charlie had just been the lead actor in the coming of age film King Jack, directed by Felix Thompson. You can see here why this young actor is a cut above the rest.

Q. How did you get into acting?

A. Unlike a lot of young actors, neither of my parents pushed me to become an actor. In reality it was quite the opposite, as both of them are in show business and both of them know how difficult and crazy that life can be, especially for a ten year old. But once I made it clear that it was my passion, they completely supported every opportunity I had to perform and create. I started just doing community theater, and ironically told everyone that I never wanted to step into the world of film or television. But that pretty quickly changed.

Q. Are there similarities between you and the character Jack in King Jack?

A. Yes, there are many similarities between Jack and I. Not on the surface, but deep down there are. For instance, Jack and I share a sensitivity that we naturally try to mask or cover. I give all the credit to Felix Thompson, the director, who knew to cast a kid who was actually fifteen years-old. There are hundreds of things going on in every teenager’s brain that simply cannot be faked or copied, and Felix knew that those qualities were crucial to making Jack feel sincere.

Many of the things Jack goes through in the course of the film were things that I, Charlie, was going through at the same time. That’s why this movie will be special for me for as long as I live, as I will always be able to look back and see myself so clearly at such a vulnerable time in my life.

Q. Who are your own fave actors/ actresses?

A. There are so many actors and actresses that I love and respect, but there are two in particular that have made huge impressions on me. The first is Mark Rylance, who just won an Oscar this year, but who I have been a huge fan of since I was about twelve. At that time, I saw him in a play he did called Jerusalem, and I was so overwhelmed by his brilliance in every moment on stage that I went right back and saw the play again the next night.

“I felt such a profound connection to River Phoenix, one that was unfathomly deep.”

The second actor is River Phoenix. After watching some of his films such as Running On Empty, Dogfight, and My Own Private Idaho, I felt such a profound connection to him and his performances, one that was unfathomably deep. Even though he passed away years before I was born, in a lot of ways he has been a mentor to me, as I will routinely go back and watch how he is able to evoke such sincerity in every moment he is on screen.

What did you learn from playing this role?

A. I grew so much as an actor, and in turn as a human being, while making King Jack. The most important lesson I learned on this movie was how much of a difference it makes when every single person in the cast and crew is pouring out their heart and soul for each other, and for the movie itself. There was such a sense of family and feeling of love between everyone on the set, and I believe that is a major reason why people who have watched and experienced King Jack have been able to connect with it so much.

Q. I saw on your twitter you’re friendly with Barry Keoghan. Have you seen LOVE/HATE the Irish gangster drama he was in? (It was huge in Ireland)… And what other roles would you like to play?

A. Yes, I was so happy that Barry really loved King Jack because I am such a huge fan of his movie ’71 and especially his performance in it. I haven’t gotten the chance to see his show Love/Hate, but I will definitely check it out after your recommendation! I would like to play around with so many other characters, but right now it would be an absolute dream of mine to play a villain. As long as the character is truthful, that’s all that matters to me. So in that case, the crazier the better.

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