Exciting Inglot Awards in Radisson Blu, Sunday 25th March

Inglot's cosmetic goodies are much sought after. With glam and desirable products, Inglot have now got seventeen stores all around the country and are a leading brand worldwide...

Upcoming Event

On the 25th March Inglot Cosmetics Ltd are holding their first awards ceremony, there are 10 categories and the finalists are from Inglot stores (and other makeup artists, both well known and up and coming make up artists. It will be a very exciting event and 7 finalists who work in flagship store Dundrum are nominated in the following categories - 

Pro Team, Instore Trainer, Product Specialist, Make Up Artist Over A Year and Social Media Specialist.

Pro Team finalist Katie Moran (@katiekontour)

 Instore Trainer finalist Aoife Billington (@aoifebillington_mua)

 Make Up Artist Over A Year finalist Aron Whelan (@aron_mua)

Dundrum is also nominated for Store of The Year.

Inglot Best Sellers include

77 Gel Liner €15, Brow Gels €16, HD Foundation €33, Eyeshadows €6, Lip Tint €22, Undereye Concealer €16, Sparkle Dust €20, Pigments €16, Duraline €12.

Inglot's Sparkle Dust

Lessons and Courses: One Hour Lesson €30
                                          Half Hour Lesson €15
                                          5 Hour Course €99
                                          8 Hour Course €169
                                          1 Hour Masterclass €10
                                          Pro Course - South Anne St. €500
                                          (terms and conditions apply for each course)

Inglot Cosmetics Ltd (Ireland) is run by the Swarbrigg family from Westmeath in Co. Kildare.




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