Interview : Luke Mathers of indie heroes Unquiet Nights

Unquiet Nights lead singer/songwriter talks about their brilliant new track, "Promise of You" and what he thinks of the current music scene.

Q. What has been the response to your latest release, Promise of You?

It's still early days having only been released on Friday, but so far it's going really well. It was a real thrill to hear it was "Song of the Week" on Roddie Cleere's Irish Music Show on KCLR 96fm, and I've heard whispers that it's being passed around in the production meetings of some of the bigger radio stations which is always good for what it's worth. Some of the people who've been listening to us the longest on places like our community have said it's our best single yet which I guess is satisfying at this stage when it's the 22nd track we've released.

Q. Where do you trace your love of (good) music back to? 

The first guy I saw with a guitar was Roy Orbison, then I started collecting records by The Rolling Stones, Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers and Genesis. I'd spend days looking through those big metal racks that swung on a hinge in the record stores back in the early '90s and basically picked out albums I wanted to hear based on the cover. Those bands were the ones that stuck and have been with me my whole life so far.

Q. What do you think of the current music around?

In terms of the stuff that's getting pushed on radio and TV I really hate it. It hasn't appealed to me since maybe the mid-2000s which is why I don't take it too hard anymore if we don't get covered by particular media because to be honest I agree, if that's where the mainstream is now I don't really think bands with guitars fit in. There's a lot of inventive stuff about but it seems to be relegated to smaller blogs and the artists are having to fund their own careers.

Q. Who are your favourite musicians at the moment?

I love The Hold Steady and liked the last Gaslight Anthem record quite a bit. John Grant's records are beautiful. I listen to some Drive By Truckers and go see The Answer when I'm near one of their gigs.

Q. What are your plans for the future?

We're releasing another single on April 8th which I'm looking forward to. After that then the plan is to hit the studio a few more times and start putting the third album together. We're building our own studio too called Credential Sound which will be like a base for recording and rehearsing for future tours. We want to get our own vehicle for touring in Europe too so we can save money on Hertz rentals.

Hear "Promise of You"

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