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A Design For Life

Designing Your Life, the online course with Creative Live is presented by Stanford professors Bill Burnett and Dave Evans.

Both Burnett and Evans have extensive experience. Billed "How To Build A Well-Lived, Joyful Life, their own life experiences are proof of their ideas. Bill Burnett is the Executive Director of the Design Program at Stanford. With a BS and MS in Product Design he has worked on a variety of projects, including the Award winning Apple Powerbooks, and as evidence from the course loves the Art classes he attends weekly. Dave Evans is similarly well educated and is an Adjunct Lecturer at the Product Design Program at Stanford and has also worked at Apple, where he led the product marketing on the mouse team. Evans' bio says that people were always asking him, "What should I do with my life?"

Designing Your Life is the answer. A series of twenty segments in which participants do exercises and get out of the box hacks on finding your passions. This course is presented in a concise, light and often funny way with no doubt about the professors' integrity. They've even written a book about it, which is a New York Times bestseller.

I was extremely impressed by this course and learnt some valuable standout methods for deciding what to do, in life and careerwise at any age.

Without giving too much away, the ideas are based on design processes, only you apply them to your life as opposed to products.

As a result of this course I am very interested in reading more, because the hacks are so simply explained, but very thought-provoking. You will learn something. I hadnt heard ideas expressed this way before and probably neither have you. An excellant course and highly recommended.

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