Interview : Jean Lowndes, Nature artist

Déshabillé talks to artist Jean Lowndes about her love of nature, her favourite artists and exhibiting in Art Source 2017.  Her first solo exhibition of 2018 is at Red Stables, Clontarf from January 25th to 28th.

Q. How did you take up painting?

Jean : I took up painting in 1996 after a trip and fall accident. It was as a hobby. Subsequent to the accident I had 3 back surgeries over a period of years. The great positive that came from that time is my painting. I only speak about my accident to put into context a chain of events. There is a great healing through creativity whether it is through art or crafts.

I have painted with Watercolour, acrylic and my great love is oil and the palette knife. I never got to do art at school. I was always creative, baking,sewing etc.
I love to see our young people paint and create we live in a time where they are bombarded with visual images. It is so fulfilling to bake, paint, knit or create. I feel It is the key to well being.

Q. How does your love of nature inform your work? And does your technique of using thick impasto relate to that?

Jean : I grew up on a farm in North County Dublin. I love trees, woodland and the sea.I feel the thick impasto technique lends itself to the 3D tactile nature of my work. I love to touch my paintings. The work is tactile and I sure use a lot of oil paint. The thick impasto technique creates mood and atmosphere.

I love to see people drawn to my work and children especially love to touch the work. I love texture myself. I feel art is sensory and people have told me my work touches them on an emotional level. Obviously not everyone likes my work and that's ok. That's the beauty of art there is something for everyone.

I take part in the The People's Art St Stephens Green and Merrion Art regularly and love my Art friends And all the various mediums.

Q. How did Art Source 2017 go ?

Jean : I had a very successful Art Source 2017. I took a stand on my own this time which was exciting, scary and exhilarating. I had the good fortune of meeting and working with Anne-Marie Hamill of Hamilton Interiors at the House Show RDS in May 2017. She showcased 12 of my paintings on Showhouse Showdown episode 5 0n Tv3 in November 2017.

 I was very honoured that Anne-Marie used my painting "Winter's Soft Whisper" as inspiration for her total design. I want to especially thank Anne-Marie. Also thank you to Shane and Sarah Kennedy of Kennedys food store who Are hosting an exhibition of my work in there fabulous restaurant at present.

And a big thank you to my buyers supporters admirers family and friends, I feel very lucky to be having the time of my life at 55 selling my art and building my business.  I never expected this. I feel very blessed.
It was lovely spending time with my fellow artists at Art Source 2017 making new friends and catching up with those I call friend already.

Q. Who are your favourite artists and influences?

Jean :  Answering that much space have you got? I love all  types of Art. Renoir - his two Sisters On The Terrace painting, the amazing Reds ... Turners Watercolours - fabulous.I have always loved Monet. His work is amazing. I love Van Gogh - His Almond Blossom is a favourite of mine. Jack B.Yeats I feel inspired by his paintings. Love The Liffey Swim.

I love all kinds of Art and regularly go to exhibitions. I have learned over the years that I especially love mood and atmosphere. I feel we are very lucky to have the National Gallery and the Hugh Lane Gallery on our door step.

Q. What are your future plans?

Jean : I hope to continue exhibiting and selling my work as long as I can and in it is in demand.
It is a total addiction. I love meeting people, making new friends, buyers and admirers.
I exhibit regularly in The Red Stables Clontarf next exhibition Thursday January 25th to Sun 4th February 2018. 

Check my website for all exhibitions.

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