Interview : Stuart Dunne, Actor and artist

Stuart Dunne, actor and visual artist talks about his work and affiliation for Van Gogh to Déshabillé.

Q. You are known as an actor, how or why did you make the transition to painting and scuplting?

Stuart :  I was always drawn to the visual arts. It was something that I did in my spare time on sets and during the earlier years in my acting career, I hadn't anticipated a move to the visual arts in my younger years but this transition came quite naturally to me. 

Q. How do you work? Do you plan or work spontaneously? 

Stuart :  As I work with large sculptural projects a lot of planning and preparation goes into the layouts and maquettes. These are very important to the finished piece so I spend a lot of time on them. My painting, on the other hand, is far more spontaneous. I like to work sporadically and build up layers through texture colour, normally referencing political scenes and dialogues I research. I explore a lot of themes through my painting and sculptural pieces so I spend some time working on the preliminary research. 

Q. Are there any incidents in your childhood, or growing up where you felt drawn to the arts? 

Stuart : I had a keen interest in Van Gogh, both his work and life became a focal point for many of my earlier works and ultimately formed the basis of one of my largest projects I completed. I guess Van Gogh played a massive influence on me and how I create art. I had a one man play of his life which I produced and acted in so that may have influenced how I make work.

 Q. What are your future plans? 

Stuart : I'm working on a couple of on-going visual projects. I have a large body of work from the Vincent project that I am planning on exhibiting once it is finalised. I will continue to paint and explore new concepts in my studio, there are still some unturned stones with older projects that I would like to explore. I also have a large sculptural project in the pipeline if all planning goes well, Im really excited for the future.

 Q. Any advice for actors, artists? 

Stuart : Keep at it. Commitment to their practice is of the utmost importance. Belief in their work and themselves is fundamental to how they are received in the art world.

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