Interview : Karen Hickey, Colourful portrait artist


Karen Hickey, artist, who exhibited her work at the Electric Picnic 2017, spoke to Déshabillé about her passion for colour.

Q. Where did you get your love of art?

Karen : I've been drawing since I was very small. I was a quiet child, more of an observer than a participant in many situations. I drew people, it was always characters in different situations that I could relate to, families, children holding hands etc. I really only started to learn about artists and art in secondary school and art was my favourite subject.

Q. What inspires you, the colours you use etc?

Karen : I have done many workshops and classes over the years, they were all geared around drawing and so I was using pencils and charcoal but not colour!

It was in 2016 where I began a course in NCAD; Drawing and Painting the Figure and around that time I starting painting small paintings in a notebook.   Introducing the colour just took my pictures to a whole new level and I think that's why the explosion happened, I couldn't get enough of it, everything just came alive for me.

Q. It must have been great to gave your work exhibited at the Electric Picnic 2017?

Karen : It was amazing, I learned so much and it was a fantastic experience. I got such a rush of excitement seeing my work hanging there and I will be doing it again next year (as a more prepared artist)!

Q. What plans have you got for the future?

Karen : In January I am exhibiting artwork in the Leixlip Library, most of which will be the Electric Picnic artwork. It couldn't be sold at E.P. so here's another opportunity for me to exhibit them again and let the out of my studio for another viewing!

In April I have a solo exhibition at the Signal Arts Centre in Bray. Ideas for this are still spinning around in my head but details will be coming up.

In the summer I'll be back at Electric Picnic with more work to exhibit.  I have no doubt there will be a lot more work besides all of that.

Q. Have you any advice for aspiring artists?

Karen : Buy a notebook!! Do a workshop and enjoy what you do, make it part of your life. I have met so many wonderful people this year that being part of a community has become essential.

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